Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Voter Fraud Alleged in MIssoula

I was surprised when the school levies passed back in May.  Now I know my surprise may have been justified.  The Missoula County Sheriff Department is investigating voter fraud after Missoula tax accountant Patty Lovaas discovered some strange discrepancies while investigating another matter in the election.

 It appears somebody got into the computer and manipulated the vote to provide a victory for the school levies.

In short, the vote on the Missoula high school general fund levy had been close in two reports on the evening of May 3, Lovaas said. Then, in a May 4 report at 1:34 a.m., the vote took a big upswing in favor of the levy.

She looked at some computer reports of the election tallies and discovered what appears votes being tallies three different times in three preceints that don't exist.  

A spreadsheet appears to show single ballots being processed three different times - and in three "wild card" precincts that she said don't exist. 
"This is high-tech computer manipulation," Lovaas said. 
She counted more than 3,600 such "erroneously listed voters" whose votes were counted three times in three make-believe precincts. She believes someone used ballots from valid voters to orchestrate some elections outcomes: The culprit or culprits used real ballots, overrode the legitimate votes cast, plugged in the desired outcome, and linked those votes to three fake precincts.

I've said it before, Liberals need to cheat to win.  The Sheriff might want to look into voter fraud from the Tester/Burns race.  Gov Schweitzer did encourage the people in Missoula to "vote early and vote often" in that race.  Seems like it shouldn't have been taken lightly back then.

If this turns out to be true, we all know it wasn't the first time they committed fraud. 

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