Friday, November 03, 2006

Hundreds Show up For Tester Rally (Schweitzer Encourages Voter Fraud) While Thousands Show up For Burns.

Over 300 people showed up for a rally and there were 100 outside the UC center at UM for a Tester rally headed by Governor Schweitzer and Max Baucus! Wow, almost 400 people in Missoula came to rally for Tester. On the same day over 5000 people attended a rally in Billings for Conrad Burns headed by President Bush.

Seems that the Conservative Base is more energized at this critical point in the election while the Liberal Base seems to be fading.

Montana Democrats must be feeling a bit desperate as Gov Schweitzer encouraged the "huge" crowd to "vote early and vote often". Publicly encouraging voter fraud is pretty bold. I am hoping the Missoulian and The Missoula Independent investigates this.

Schweitzer also said something that bothers me. I've heard a lot of Liberals say this about Burns.

Said Schweitzer: “Missoula will decide if a man of the prairie, a man of Montana,” will be the next U.S. senator, or if it will be an “auctioneer from Missouri ... a man bought and paid for by Washington, D.C., lobbyists.”

It's interesting that he is cutting down Burns for not being a born and raised Montanan. I would venture that half of Missoula's population are not native Montanans. So to use this as an argument seems to be foolish as it will alianate those who are not native.

Just another example of Liberal elitism and arrogance.


  1. What, the President is a draw?

    Joking about voting often is now a crime?

    Honestly, Andy, this is quite possibly the most ridiculous blog post I've read about this election to date.

  2. How can this be a ridiculous post? It's ridiculous that you think it's ridiculous.

    Fact: President Bush drew 5000 fired up people for Burns.

    Fact: Schweitzer and Bachus drew 300 for Tester.

    Fact: Schweitzer encouraged people to "vote early and vote often". Perhaps he was joking like Kerry was joking... wink, wink.

    I sense a little panic from you.

    I think your post on GOP low income disinfranchising seems a bit paranoid. How can requiring a legal valid ID be disinfranchising? It prevents voter fraud such as "vote early and vote often".

  3. That's not panic. It's incredulity at your ridiculousness.

  4. Wow Hammond...nice work on the analysis here.

    Matt is 100% correct, however, it is my pleasure to point out that while you are getting all hyper about the 5000 in Billings, the GOP expected twice that number. Nice turnout!

  5. I was there, with two compatriots. So it was only 4,997 fired up people.