Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Blog: State Political Blogs

There's a new blog called State Political Blogs out there that linked to Montana's new and older conservative blogs.

Here is their mission on their "about" link:

Our mission at State Political Blogs is to cover the state-level political blogging scene and to build awareness about the value and impact of blogs that cover state and local politics.

We’re libertarians and conservatives. We want libertarian, conservative and free-market blogs to thrive and prosper. We’ll be providing ideas to help with that, and shining a light on state political blogs that are especially effective.

It looks like us Montana bloggers are one of their first posts.

Update: I forgot to mention how they point out our friends on the left's hypocracy on the tenor and civility of debate between left and right.


  1. Andy, you might not have noticed this, but this blog ONLY has Montana blogs at the state level. You might also note that it is the same registrar as The Hardliner, which uses an anonymous proxy registrar. My guess is that anyone who goes SO far to hide who they are is an astroturfing project.

    Just my thoughts. Funny how fast you guys are to latch onto new conservative political blogs. I mean, Montana Pundit? For cripes sake, people don't have to prove themselves at all before you welcome them into the fold?

  2. Shane,
    I don't do an investigation on new blogs or people when I meet them. I found them because they linked to my blog and I checked them out and thought they were interesting enough to mention.

  3. You might also notice that uses the EXACT SAME REGISTRAR with the PRIVACY FEATURE enabled, too!

    That's pretty weak, Shane. Further, The Hardliner and SPB use different providers, so your "evidence" is pretty flimsy.

    As for people hiding who they are, how about most of the contributors over at LitW? A great many of those folks go out of their way for anonymity. What is it that they have to hide? Again, weak.

    Lastly, I don't think you'll find anyone in the right-o-sphere bragging up MTPundit. They had their chance and blew it. And, I would say, that almost everyone has dropped them like a bad habit.

    What's wrong about finding a new blog and trying to promote it? Or do you let a blog founder in obscurity until someone deems it worthy of promotion?

  4. Craig, the best evidence that State Political Blogs isn't a Montana astroturfing project (or is at least very poor at what they're doing) is that linking Montana conservative blogs, and forgetting to link MT Politics, is a faux paux that should annoy both left and right.

    (I'll forgive them, though, 'cause I'm still LMAO over being "rattlesnake mean"!