Monday, September 10, 2007

The Left Deperately Wants to Lose the War

Despite the good report from General Patraeus and Ambassador Crocker, the Left still want us to lose the war against terrorism in Iraq.

The Democrats went after the good General even before he gave his report and our friends at took out a newspaper ad attacking him, calling him General "Betray Us"

The ad accuses the general of "Cooking the Books for the White House" and asserts "General Petraeus is a military man constantly at war with the facts," citing optimistic statements the general has made about Iraq in the past.
We certainly can't have any good news about the war, can we? That would be a terrible thing. Only for those who have staked their future on our failure. And those people would be those on the Left.

So you will see and are seeing the Left attacking the messenger, the message, and the ability of our troops to win the war.


  1. I watched a little bit of this today. It was really fun to watch how whenever a Dem was questioning the expert for whom the hearing was being held they spoke for 90% of the time and Petraeus got the other 10%.

    I'm sure they have questions too, but why ask Petraeus when you've got on speed-dial?

  2. Couple this with OBL's diatribe, and it becomes clear what their objective is.

  3. What the Democrats know about Iraq, and war in general, would not fill a thimble. That is what’s so funny about them. They’re all pacifist weenies—a party run by women and effeminate males. They’re clueless and scared and hoping that if they kiss enough Muslim ass, the Muslims will leave us alone.

  4. It made my blood run cold watching the idiot congressmen speechifying and turning the Petraeus/Crocker presentations into an opportunity to grandstand. Worse yet was watching the senators do even worse the day after. There's not a one of those knuckleheads that I'd be willing to support, not one Democrat and damn few Republicans.

    God rot the fools at for their reprehensible "Gen. Betray Us" bullshit. They have just shot themselves in the foot for the 2008 election. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    But I'll be damned if I can find a rational argument among the Republicans for "staying the course."

    The Shias and Sunnas are turning Iraq into a wider civil war in which we have no natural ally. What do we do with our troops when Iran and Saudi Arabia turn this little civil war into a wider conflict?

    Do we nuke the fuckers and crawl home?

    How do we excuse that genocide?