Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Government Tried to Regulate All Farm Vehicles

After putting up a post about Obama blowing off a farmer's question and concern about government regulations and rules affecting they way they do business, I looked into it some more and discovered that the farmer really has a lot to worry about and Obama really is more clueless than I originally thought.

The DOT was trying to require farmers to have the same requirements as commercial long haul truck drivers. 
Agriculture groups were alarmed this spring when the transportation department asked for thoughts on whether commercial truck safety regulations also should apply to farmers who drive their equipment on highways and rural roads within their own state. 
Farmers worried they would need to spend money on training and driving tests, keep track of how much time they're behind the wheel and carry medical records. It also would have made it harder to find help, they said, because many teens who work on family farms are too young to get a commercial license. 
"You add all that up together, and it's a tremendous drain on resources," said Justin Knopf, 33, a grain farmer near Gypsum, Kan. "There's not a farmer around my community that this would not impact."
Fortunately, the issue has been dropped... for now at least.  I fully expect them to try again in the near future.  The government never give up when there is an opportunity to control through rules and regulations and extract fees.

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