Friday, October 12, 2007

Podcast Episode 4 Andy's Journey from Liberal Leaning to the Conservative he is Today

This is my first episode without a script, scary! I have a silly intro then go into my journey from being a Liberal leaning moderate to the Conservative I am today. I finish up with a bit of a ramble on debate which I plan on exploring further in a future episode.


  1. Colby Natale10/12/2007 7:23 AM

    Andy, I want to say that as much as I tend to raise issue with yours posts and how they have little thoughtful defense (i.e. the debate thing); your podcasts present a forum where you present your views in a far better way. That is interesting, since some of us, myself included, would be terrible in such a setting. Also interesting because Mark T. has often talked about talk 'radio' and how it is a tool far favored by Conservatives. Well explained today.

  2. Colby Natale10/12/2007 7:30 AM

    I should note that I left that comment above prior to hearing the end or the podcast. As much as I appreciate the personal acknowledgment, I think you missed my whole point I have been trying to make here.

    I never said you need facts and mountains of evidence; it is just annoying to see someone stating their opinions but who is unwilling to actually talk about those opinions. I just wanted to have some dialog about some of your views; normally people blogging don't put out their opinions into a vaccum, they put them out their expecting to start conversations. You seem to be unwilling to converse, and that is what I took issue with. My 'Hammond Watch' was just an attempt to get you to talk about the things you were saying here. If you are unwilling to have conversations about our beliefs, then they probably aren't very strong beliefs to begin anyhow...

  3. To Colby Natale: I can see why you’re lonely and need someone to talk with. You spend too much time with your liberal pals, who have nothing new to say to one another, and don’t even listen to one another. That’s why you’re always coming here and schmoozing Andy, right?

    Well, I want you to know I’m here for you. Just ask for Master Dean—anywhere, anytime—and I will magically appear and keep you company and talk over all your liberal problems with you.