Saturday, October 06, 2007

Try Abstinence, It's Free!

Catching up on my newspapers this morning I ran across this letter to the editor in the Missoulian.

Birth control

There’s a fix to potential rising costs

As a college student, my budget is extremely limited, but the cost of birth control wasn’t anything I ever had to worry about. My university health center provides birth control - like most university health centers - very inexpensively. This year, however, I am very worried that the price might increase a lot because of a mistake made by Congress. That means I, and students like me, will have to make tough choices about how, or whether, we can afford contraception.

It shouldn’t have to be this way. In the Deficit Reduction Act, which went into effect in January, Congress inadvertently changed a rule and made it harder for universities and some safety-net family-planning providers to provide their patients with affordable birth control. This is a simple problem for Congress to fix - it will cost the government nothing and can be done immediately.

Students shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to practice safer sex, especially when the fix is so easy. Congress should be making it easier, not harder, for women to have access to affordable contraception.

-Mandie Fleming, Missoula
So according to Ms. Fleming, taxpayers should foot the bill in order for her to be able to practice safer sex. Abstinence may not of crossed her mind but it is a legitimate option when it comes to her "tough choices".

Call me crazy and old fashioned but rather than ask taxpayers to pay for her safe sex, perhaps she should change her behavior.


  1. Wow Andy! Colby just called you an "illiterate ass".

    And I quote Colby off of Missoulapolis under the Bin Laden thread:

    And as for the debate society, can I help it if no one from your end of the spectrum wants to defend themselves in such a manner; seems easier to throw insults than engage in serious conversation, doesn't it?

    Looks like Colby needs to follow his own advice.

    Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

  2. No anonymous, Carol was insulting 52% of Americans. Colby specifically and correctly pointed out that Andy seems incapable of comprehending what he reads.

  3. No it didn't, Colby. Are you trying to tell me that the price of contraceptives at college campus clinics were not subsidized by the government prior to the Deficit Reduction Act? The Act changed Medicare reimbursement rules and Medicare is run by the GOVERNMENT which is funded by our TAXES.

    Nice try, Colby but you are wrong again. I'm sad that you are going into the personal attack mode.

  4. Awww....need a little more cheese with your whine, Shane? Only you and Colby seem to take offense to what Carol was saying. What's wrong? Truth hurts when it's your party that's being made fun of? Funny, you have no problem putting down the EVIL religious right though on your blog though, huh?

    Grow a pair already, will ya?


  5. Hey Andy, let's see if you still say that someday when you get some chick knocked up. You'll wish birth control woulda saved your ass then. Sometimes things happen, and for those of us who are human and have sex birth control is a smart method to protect ourselves from bringing an unplanned child into this world.

  6. Katy,
    I'm all grown up with a wife of over 20 years and have three teenage kids so the possibility of my getting a "chick knocked up" isn't going to happen.

    I understand sexual urges, despite what you and many think on the left, I am human. I know you think you are entitled to taxpayer subsidized birth control. I don't.

    If you want to have sex and not get pregnant, pay for your birth control yourself or have some self control if you can't afford it and don't do it.

    I hope and pray that when you grow up, start working and paying taxes while trying to raise a family, you will understand this.

  7. Poor unplanned for baby. That's all I have to say on this thread.

  8. Andy
    Do you even know what you read? I see that you say rather than ask taxpayers to pay for her safe sex, perhaps she should change her behavior. SHE Mandie never said she was haveing sex. Mandie might be married? You sure were Quick to assume she was have sex all over town.She might even think that Abstinence is best. But she does not live in a dream world. I am a mother of 3 Daughters and yes Abstinence is what i belive in. SO WHAT Just because you want your children to do the right thing that does not mean they will. I am sure you and your family have health insurance. Not everyone has affordable health insurance. I am growen up and working and paying taxes while trying to raise a family. You must live in a dream world where everthing is perfect. Do not be so quick to jugde

  9. So according to Ms. Fleming, Ms. Fleming maybe it is Mrs. Fleming wife and Mother.Students are all ages I guess that the people that can not afford birth control must not have sex.( Not everyone can afford insurrance) There are Married tax paying working people that can not afford contraception. SO again they must not have sex. BUT as you said "Call me crazy and old fashioned but rather than ask taxpayers to pay for THEM to have safe sex, perhaps THEY should change her behavior." Is that not what you said to Ms. Fleming?

  10. Zoey,
    So what if she's married. Why should taxpayers pay for her contraceptives? True, I made an assumption that she was not married since she identified herself as a "college student" and not a "married college student". If she is, in fact, married, there are more affordable contraceptives her husband can use.

    I would ask you to re-read what I wrote. I did not judge or claim "she was having sex all over town". I simply think she should have to pay for her own contraceptives and if she cannot afford to do so, don't have sex.

    I am sorry. I have read your comment several times and have no idea what you are trying to say.