Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Clueless Comment by Obama

Being in a regulated industry, I can tell you how onerous, wasteful, expensive and redundant government regulations are.  Obama has no clue because he's never worked a day in his life in the private sector.  He only knows government.

Oh, I especially like his comment "Nobody is more interested in seeing our agricultural sector successful than I am, partly because I come from a farm state."   What??


  1. I certainly won't correct all of your errors because I'm pretty busy, but Illinois a significant agricultural state: From their Dept. of Ag web page:

    Illinois' 76,000 farms cover more than 28 million acres -- nearly 80 percent of the state's total land area.

    Illinois ranks 7th in agricultural sales in the nation.

    I look forward to the correction.

  2. I know full well that Illinois is a farm state. My point was him saying he wanted to see the sector successful. He has no idea how to help it be successful. He has no idea how many rules and regulations the government requires and basically blew off the farmer telling him to contact the USDA if he has a question. Yeah right.