Sunday, August 26, 2007

Universal Health Care Will Take Away Our Privacy

This may have already been discussed somewhere but I haven't seen it. I was repainting my deck yesterday and thinking about political issues and the three that I seem to spend the most time on these days are Global Warming, Universal Health Care, and the War on Terrorism. My focus yesterday was on Universal Health Care and what it would mean to our privacy should it ever pass into reality.

Assuming it becomes reality, my problems and vices suddenly become the concern of everybody else and everybody else's problems and vices become my concern. What does this mean? This means more government control over our freedoms. Are we eating the right kinds of food, drinking too much alcohol, practicing risky sexual behavior, not wearing helmets on our motorcycles and bikes, should we ban smoking and chewing tobacco, and should we allow the government to screen our kids for mental health problems with or without parental consent?

I'm sure the supporters of Universal Health Care think it's important to control and regulate these behaviors for the good of all. I am not. It is clearly an invasion of my right to privacy, which is, after all, in the Constitution as found by the Supreme Court in their Roe v. Wade decision.


  1. Lester Mills8/26/2007 7:06 PM

    A few questions about painting your deck:

    Did you receive written permission from the zoning commission?

    Did you have a state and a federal applicator’s license?

    Did you transport and store the paint in an approved manner?

    Did make sure the paint contained no lead or other hazardous substances?

    Did you read and follow all instructions on the product label?

    Did you use approved PPE (personal protective equipment), such as a respirator, eye protection, and rubber gloves?

    Did you mix the paint in an approved container?

    Did you apply the paint with an approved applicator?

    Did you use beer while attempting to operate a paint brush?

    Did you secure the area so that children and pets would not be contaminated?

    Did you post Wet Paint warnings at all access points to the deck?

    Did you use approved clean-up materials?

    Did you dispose of all waste products at an authorized disposal site?

    Did you think government and other requirements regarding universal healthcare would be less crazy or less intrusive than those for painting a deck?

  2. Oh no. The Government will be serious about screwing up health care. Painting regs are just a minor diversion.

  3. Well done, Lester!

    I have to say, I did consume two beers while painting.

  4. What privacy? Big Swede

  5. I don't think that you quiet understand the idea of a single payer system.

  6. Shane - Maybe they do.

  7. Shane, I don't think you understand the consequences of collectivism.

  8. Cherry Creek8/28/2007 4:47 PM

    Heh heh. Good one, Budge.

    But there's so much Shane doesn't understand, you could have picked any subject at random.

  9. Shane,
    I know exactly what "single payer" means. Lester (mostly), Steve and I were just being silly in order to point out the silliness of Universal Health Care.