Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is Why...

...we're at war.


  1. So, we are at war in Iraq because 13 people from Saudi Arabia, 2 people from United Arab Emirates, 1 person from Lebanon and 1 person from Egypt attached us? Good call. Glad you are here to explain that to us.

  2. Oh, and talk about using the suffering of others to front your own political agenda.

  3. Shane:

    Go f**k yourself. You’re a sniveling little coward. You wouldn’t fight to save your own life much less the life of your country.

  4. Shane,
    Let me help you understand. We were attacked by those members you mention, members of Al Qaeda, based out of Afghanistan. Yes we all know they were not Iraqis. We went into Afghanistan as a result which I think you support.

    It is the President's duty to defend this country. Saddam had kicked out the weapons inspectors and every intelligence agency in the world said that he had WMDs and was working on developing Nuclear weapons. Democrats all said this was true in the 1990s and early 2000s. He also promoted the fact he had these weapons. Saddam also showed that he was prone to attack and invade other countries - Kuwait, in case you forgot.

    So Bush was left with a decision. We were attacked by OBL and Al Qaeda so we went into Afghanistan. We had another tyrant threatening us with WMDs and Nuclear weapons which every intelligence agency in the world and most Democrat politicians confirmed. What was he to do? Wait for another attack on his country?????

    No, he proposed a preemptive strike on Iraq to take out Saddam and his evil regime and capture the WMDs and stop his Nuclear development.

    So it turns out the world's intelligence agencies and the Democrats and Republicans were wrong on the WMDs and Nuclear technology. What should we do now? Should we just pack up and go home with out tail between our legs? No, because now we are fighting Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq.

    War is not a video game, Shane. It's a dirty, nasty, horrible thing. Circumstances change that are unforeseen and we have to make adjustments. We can't just turn of the console when things get tough or not go our way. We need to complete and win this war. It will take years and years to see the end and we will always have a military presence in Iraq.

    What message will we send to the terrorists and tyrants of the world watching us if we pack up and go home now? It will make this world a much more dangerous place for Americans and I don't want my kids living in that world.

    And yes, I purposely posted those pictures of people jumping. It's called reality and we need to be reminded of why we are at war.

    My political agenda is to win the war on terror and I wear it proudly.

  5. Well said Hammond.

    Looks like Mason is trying to draw you back to MTnetroots. You are the only one who generates a lot of traffic for him when you are commenting there. It's boring w/o you.

  6. Shane Boy is all over the conservative sites trying to get them to come over and visit “Nettoots.” It seems the six liberals over there are getting tired reading each other’s minds.

    Andy— Shane knows war is not a video game. He thinks it’s a talkathon. And he's sucked you into doing it, too.

  7. This is quite possibly the most idiotic post I've ever read on a blog. Nice work Andy!

  8. Nick,
    Are you saying my comment above is idiotic?

  9. Gos Andy, bunch of fun guys you keep around here. Oh? Its just that one guy posting under different names? OK.

  10. War is not a video game, Shane. It's a dirty, nasty, horrible thing.

    Damn right, Andy. Which is why it should not be entered lightly.

    Yet we entered it lightly.

    There were doubts as to the veracity of the intelligence which we used to enter Iraq. Scott Ritter, a Republican, a conservative, and a Marine Corps veteran, was one of the inspectors who questioned the veracity of that intelligence.

    The people who were eager to dethrone and destroy the evil Saddam Hussein regime - no argument there - ignored and denounced Ritter. They went in anyway.

    Which is why we find America deeply divided, deeply damaged and deeply in debt.

    Never again.

    Gun Dog, Mr. Ritter put his life on the line for America, told the truth and was denounced by sniveling little cowards such as yourself.

    Take your own advice.