Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9-11 tribute


  1. Fry the sand monkeys9/11/2007 4:19 PM

    Andy-- You need to stop reminding all the liberals of the real world we live in. That makes them “uncomfortable,” as they like to say. And that is why the liberal news media has banned all showings of the TV footage shot during the 9-11 Attack. It’s just too “uncomfortable” to watch.

    A previous generation released the footage of the attack on Pearl Harbor and never stopped showing it. Millions saw it and never forgot it. And that was before the millions had TV.

    So we have had the Greatest Generation and now we have the Weakest Generation.

  2. This is a very moving video, thanks for posting it.

  3. Mr. Fry the Sand Monkeys:

    Are you below the age of 43? If so, you are eligible to strengthen Our Generation. At this point, we are desperate. Sign up soon. I'll join you when the age of enlistment reaches 51, as it soon will if we pursue our present course.

    See you in the trenches.