Monday, September 10, 2007

Golden Boy Tester Seems to have Taken Tainted Money

It seems that the Montana Left's Golden Boy, Jon Tester, is getting himself into trouble already. According the today's Missoulian, he accepted about $4000 from people linked to the now disgraced criminal and powerful Democratic fund raiser, Norman Hsu.

Records show Tester received six donations last summer and fall from people identified in the Wall Street Journal as Hsu associates. Tester received a total of $3,750 in Hsu-related donations, records show, including $2,000 from two members of the Paw family on Sept. 18, 2006.

It may turn out that the link is just purely coincidental. It seems that the Democrats who received money directly from or just linked to Hsu are keeping the money.

Tester, however, is not alone among candidates who received money merely “linked” to Hsu and who are now either keeping the money or waiting to see if the donations are illegal.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has chosen to keep money Hsu merely helped raise. Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill received more than $18,000 in donations associated with Hsu, including some from the Paw family. She has chosen to keep the money unless it has been determined to be illegal.

I wonder what Democrats and the MSM would be saying right now if Hsu was a Republican fund raiser. I think we all know the answer.

It might help Tester to remember this...
Problematic campaign contributions played a role in Tester’s 2006 election. Tester unseated Republican Sen. Conrad Burns amid a scandal involving Burns’ receipt of more than $150,000 in donations from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, his clients and associates. Months after the criticism, Burns either returned or donated the money.


  1. The Slopes Own Tester9/10/2007 8:30 PM

    Some federal court ought to declare the whole Democratic Party a criminal organization. Then all the dems would flee to the People’s Republic of China before any indictments could be handed down, which would be great for America.

    Anyway, Tester’s in good company—right in there with all the commie slime bags like himself.

  2. In less than a week, Hillary has gone from receiving $23,000 to $850,000 in dirty money. No telling where the pig will end up. There’s millions more to be counted!

    And all this time the little liberal boys and girls thought Hillary had such huge popular support based on the money she was raising. Now it looks like most of the money came from an Asian crime syndicate.