Friday, September 07, 2007


I want to take a minute to welcome all the new Montana Conservative bloggers that have come on board recently.

Welcome, Missoulapolis, Scoop Montana, Conservative Cowgirls, The Hardliner, and Montana Pundit! Glad to have you helping fight the good fight!

I love the fact that some on the left think it's some kind of conspiracy.


  1. You mean that you didn't get your secret decoder ring?

  2. Andy - thanks for the welcome. I have read and admired your blog for a long time.

    I’m not part of any movement, just a housebound dad with a newborn baby and a little time on his hands (between diapers)


  3. Yes thanks Andy. It's kinda funny WHO is accusing us of being "astroturf." Friggin' hilarious actually.

  4. Andy, I think its time that we just admit it. Yes, we were all told to start blogs by Karl Rove so we could advance the VRWC "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"!

    And Steve todays message is 13 4 4 7 18 17 16 16 18 19 21 18 8 6 9 5 2 12 10

  5. I will obey immediately!

  6. Hey, my decoder ring works!

    Looks like your mission will be interesting, Steve!

  7. I really enjoy seeing these new conservative blogs. For to long the donks have had their way on the internet waves. Never being challenged on some of their more dispicable and undefensible statements. Only one problem...I can now longer read Scoop, having been un-invited. That is to bad. I really enjoy their comments.

  8. Ayn,
    Something must have happened to Scoop. I can't get in either. Access Denied. I hope he gets it fixed because I really like his blog.

  9. “Yes, we were all told to start blogs by Karl Rove.”

    Weird that MT Pundit should say such a thing. The only people who have told me to go start my own blog have been the liberals, which usually happens after I make jackasses out of them in front of all their “intellectual” friends.