Thursday, May 24, 2012

UM Mess will Get Uglier

In the Missoulian last week. I made several comments predictiing the rape and coverup mess at the University of Montana will get much worse and uglier. I've lived in Missoula for a long time and I've heard rumors of UM football players getting away with all kinds of things where the UM administration and local law enforcement have looked the other way. I think it finally reached the tipping point and we are going to find out a lot of very ugly and seriously disturbing things in the coming months. I am shocked, but not suprised, that rape and sexual assault have been tolerated at the U, protecting type of student over another (football player over women). I am the father of two daughters and a son and fear for my girls and am glad one is out of UM and one is attending another U. I warned those who are defending the U and the behavior of the few who are destroying its reputation to hang on because we haven't seen the half of what is going to happen yet.

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