Monday, June 28, 2010

THR 2.0, back at it...

After a long time off, I've decided to jump back into political blogging. I let my domain name expire and it now belongs to a Realtor. Not a big deal since I'm just going to fire up my old Blogger account which suits my current needs just fine. I discovered a lot of new functionality and flexibility with Blogger since I last used it in 2007 and I'm pretty happy with it.

After leaving blogging, I've been hanging out at the Missoulian's Letters to the Editor section, stirring things up by commenting on many of the ignorant Liberal letters (like this one, for instance). It's been satisfying to a degree but I'm limited to the content of the letters. I've found myself wanting to express myself more fully and decided to turn back to my blog. So here I am again.

I updated my blog's look and renamed it to THR 2.0.

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