Sunday, October 14, 2007

Place Your Bid

Rush has put the original letter from Harry Reid and 41 Democrat Senators to the CEO of Clear Channel asking for Rush to apologize for the phony soldiers controversy up for bid on ebay.

As of this post, the high bid is $40,2000. All of the money will go to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation which Rush has been a board member for many years.

Rush also issued the following challenge to the 41 Senators who signed the letter.

Every dollar raised, however much it ends up being, is going to go to Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. And I would like to issue this challenge to Senator Reid and the 41 senators who signed his letter. You say you support the military. You say you're big, and you think it's patriotic, and that I was unpatriotic. Well, I would like for each of you, Senator Reid, and the 40 Senators who signed, to match whatever the winning bid is. Show us your support for the US military by all 41 of you pro-military people, Democrats in the Senate, match whatever the winning bid is and send that amount to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

Let's see what Max and Tester do.


  1. Do you guys have a meeting to discuss the trivia that works up the right wing and allows them to ignore issues of substance?

    This is a non-story.
    Real support for the military might be seen in things like:
    veterans benefits
    health care facilities
    keeping operational strength high
    giving soldiers down time

    But, see, all of those substantive things are hard for you to talk about, because your party has abandoned soldiers. Your party wears flags and claims to be patriotic, while doing real harm to the military.

    But stick with draft-dodging Rush. On the bright side, you can understand him, because he only has one issue a day, repeated as nauseum.

  2. Um, the left wing started the Rush Limbaugh flap. Duh to you, Pogie.

    And while we are talking about trivia that works up the left wing neurotics, how about Ann Coulter “perfecting the Jews”?