Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Little Competition for Micorsoft Office Applications

I'm always one to support competition and I recently found a very nice alternative to Microsoft Office. It's called Lotus Symphony and what makes it interesting is it's FREE! It's in beta but it's pretty polished.

I assume most of us who write blogs are a bit geeky and enjoy playing with new "toys" so I thought it would be worthwhile sharing this one if you haven't heard about it yet. I downloaded it this past weekend after listening to a Leo Laporte podcast and have been using it instead of my Word and Excel 2000 and I am very impressed.

I always like trying new open source products like Open and Mozilla products because they seem to be on the cutting edge of developing new technology and push Microsoft to improve their products.

Give it a try.


  1. Andy, have you given Google docs a spin? It is really sweet and leaves your documents accessible from anywhere.

    Of course, the lotus products are going to be polished, they are outcroppings of Lotus Office (which originates from Samna's word processor). They have been around for 15 years or better.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I had not known they were making an open release.

  2. Shane,
    I have tried Google docs and like it but still like the feel of Word and now Symphony.

    I didn't know that it's been around for so long but I guess it makes sense.