Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Podcast Episode 2: Review and Quick Analysis of John Stossel's column "Sick Sob Stories"

Thank you for all the feedback on my Introductory Episode!. This episode is a review and quick analysis of John Stossel's column "Sick Sob Stories".

Relevant Links:
British woman pulls out own teeth
British hospital just turns over used bed sheets instead of washing them
British wait to see doctors
Canadian wait times


  1. Andy-- Good audio quality! Content needs work.

    1. Most people over 5 years old do not like being read to. And reading an entire copyrighted work into an audio file and publishing that file without the owner’s permission is very likely a violation of law.

    2. Granted, most lefties are too poor to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, and too ignorant to understand most of what is written there, so I can see why you would republish the article orally. But we don’t really care what the author of the article thinks. We tune into to your site to read (hear) what you think. A complete recitation of the article is therefore unnecessary. Tell us in outline what the article said, then tell us what you think, pro or con.

    3. If you are reading from a script to make your podcasts, then why not publish the script simultaneously with the podcast? You could call it a “audio transcript,” like Rush does.

  2. All very good points. I was concerned about all of what you said. I am writing a script and using it as a crutch until I get more comfortable speaking without one. I am able to speak easily when I speak to small groups but I am not comfortable doing so in my podcast yet.

    I appreciate you constructive criticism and feedback!