Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Hammond Report Podcast: Introductory Episode

Here is my Introductory Episode of the Hammond Report Podcast.


  1. I like the podcast, keep them coming.

  2. Thanks. I'm still in "beta" mode and experimenting with what works best.

  3. Dude-- You have a great speaking voice. You could go far in talk radio.

    I listened to your file in Windows Media Player 7.0. There was quite a background hum—your basic 60 Hz interference. I am fairly certain it was not my system introducing the hum. You might need to get a new (better) microphone or check the shielding on your microphone cabling. Also, if you have a cheap soundcard, that could be the source of the hum.

    Whatever. Ask some of the others who have downloaded your file to find out if they noticed any background hum.

  4. Sorry, that should have been Windows Media Player 11.0.

  5. So, yeah. Your voice isn't that bad. I think that what anonymous above was getting at is you have the gain turned up to high. It was distorting on emphasis.

    Anyway, not too bad.

  6. Colby Natale9/15/2007 11:22 PM

    Andy, no offense, but you say in this podcast that you would like to use the blog (and the podcast) to sharpen your debate/defense skills. I find that ironic given that my experience with you consists of short arguments where you don't actually address rational arguments made.

    That might not be the experience of others, but it is mine. And as a former debate coach, I know good and robust debate when I see it. I apologize if you feel that your responses to my arguments have been adequate, but I have always felt like you were dodging.

    It is good to see you express a desire for strong debate, and I look forward to actually seeing some from you in the future.

  7. Anonymous and Shane,
    I'm aware of the background hum and will try to clean it up in my next episode. I also got a couple of emails about it. I will try your suggestions and advice and I thank you all.

    I understand your critique. I have no training in debate and wish to get better. I'm just learning, or trying to learn, by throwing myself into the ring.

  8. Colby was a debate coach? Maybe in Botswana!