Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rehberg and SCHIP

Our state's lone voice of reason in the Congressional Delegation made the right vote on SCHIP last week. He wrote a piece that appeared in the Billings Gazette explaining why he voted against this huge "stealth" expansion into socialized health care.

He also explained why here:

Rehberg said he opposed the Democrats’ bill because it allows states to extend SCHIP coverage to adults and non-U.S. citizens, and has no income limits on who can get the coverage, leaving those limits up to the states.

Despite our side losing this one, you made the courageous and right vote, Denny. Thank you.

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  1. Lester Mills8/05/2007 1:36 PM

    What I find really strange is the higher and higher income levels that fall within this healthcare welfare system. It looks like the middle class is now turning into a bunch of tax bloodsuckers. In the past, it was always the middle class who got slammed with the tax bill for these socialist programs. They were the ones who saw their wealth transferred to the lower classes. But now we have the strange situation where the middle class is begging for a handout.

    All this proves, besides the fact that the middle class is losing its work ethic and is succumbing to the beggar mentality, is that health insurance is actually asset insurance. The truly poor have no assets to insure, so it makes no difference to them if they run up a big healthcare bill, since the doctors and the hospitals cannot seize the bank accounts they do not have or the trailer houses they do not own or the trashed-out cars they forget to register. You cannot get blood from a stone, as the saying goes.

    However, the middle class does have assets than can be attached and liquidated to pay healthcare bills. Health insurance, especially coverage for catastrophic health problems, is a critical part of their asset protection plan. But they loudly complain about paying the premiums. This is even more ironic since the these same middle class people diligently purchase insurance policies to cover their houses, cars, and even their lives and pay for those policies themselves without so much as a peep.