Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gore Buys "Carbon Offsets" From His Own Company

Al Gore, in order to justify his outrageous energy consumption in his mansion, claims he buys "carbon offsets" to justify his usage. However, the company he buys these offsets from are a company he helped found and is Chairman, Generation Investment Management. What this company actually does is invests in solar, wind and other projects that will supposedly reduce energy consumption around the world.

So his "carbon offset" payments are actually investments in companies and projects that he is helping generate by his scare mongering with his silly documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". I gotta hand it to him, very clever.

It seems to be his philosophy that we little people need to change our lifestyles to save the planet while he can enrich his own and not have to change his at all.

Where is the outrage from the Left???????

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