Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Renter's Rebate

When I read this, I was a bit put off that Democratic Rep. Kendall Van Dyk would propose renters get a $400 rent equivalent property tax rebate. I was ready to fire off a post decrying what a rotten idea it was to redistribute people's earnings this way.

The more I thought, however, the more I liked the idea. It will take $43 million more from the projected $1 billion State Treasury surplus and distribute it to renters. I'm always fine with taxpayers getting to keep more of their money to spend as they see fit. Having been a renter in my younger days for many years, I knew part of my rent paid the property taxes on the property.
Most renters work and pay income taxes, license their cars, and pay other state taxes and fees so I am fine with them getting some of that back.

I think the Republican alternative for permanent property tax relief is far better and more fair and would hope that it would pass but I understand it won't be as popular as the $400 rebate. I would certainly benefit more from this alternative but I also am realistic enough to understand it probably won't be successful.

Bottom line, anytime we can get people's money back into their pocket, I am for it! I'll be happy to cash my $400 check and spend it frivolously.

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