Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sore Losers

There are two Democrats who have lost and are refusing to concede to the Republican victor. As I have stated before, I wondered if Tester or Webb would have conceded with class had they lost. I doubted it.

One of the sore losers is Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy who lost the race in the Ohio 15th Congressional District.

Kilroy’s campaign called about 70,000 voters last weekend and aired television and radio ads asking people who cast provisional ballots to contact the campaign and county boards of elections to make sure their votes in the 15 th Congressional District are counted.

Kilroy came up 3,536 votes short of toppling Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce of Upper Arlington, but she did not concede the election last week. Kilroy and her supporters think she could win after provisional and absentee votes are counted next week.

Kilroy's hopes are on provisional voters who were unable to provide valid ID.

Slightly more than 10,000 people in the 15 th Congressional District cast provisional ballots, which are required when voters cannot produce identification establishing their residency.
Kilroy’s campaign thinks that it will capture the majority of those votes because transient voters tend to favor Democrats — hence the fresh blast of campaign ads nearly a week after the election.

"We’re making sure as many voters as possible who voted provisionally have their ballots counted," Kilroy spokeswoman Amanda Wurst said. "We believe the vast majority of those are voters who supported Mary Jo Kilroy."

Why would they think the vast majority of provisional voters supported Kilroy??? Could it be that there was a planned voting fraud going on here?


The next sore loser is Florida Democrat, Clint Curtis, who lost the election by 33,885 votes or 58% to 42%, but is refusing to concede.

Clint Curtis said he is considering a legal challenge to the election results: "In this election, the results did not match the Zogby pre-election poll, our internal polling, or our exit polling," Curtis explained

"These anomalies need to be investigated and cleared up, not just in my race but for every district where the count just doesn't add up."

Of course there must be fraud invovled.

According to a news release put out by his campaign, Curtis "has worked tirelessly for over five years to correct issues in America's broken election system." And now, as a congressional candidate, Curtis finally "has the legal standing to pursue an investigation into the anomalies."
Curtis said he plans to examine precinct numbers and personally contact voters, to "tie the voter to the vote." "This will either confirm the official results or indicate discrepancies," he said.

His campaign is seeking both money and volunteers to "participate in this historic effort to restore integrity and accuracy" in the electoral process.

Remember, Curtis lost the election 58% to 42% or over 33,000 votes.

These sore losers need to accept their loss and concede like a mature adult.

Democrats should be embarrased by their actions.

I wonder if they are...

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