Friday, August 26, 2011

Montana Cowgirl Supports Sexism Against Women

In a recent post, the Montana Cowgirl Blog expressed serious sexism against women.  In her attempt to compare the GOP Congresses popularity, she uses former Montana Governor, Judy Martz and her being naked, somehow.  I read the post several times and can't seem to follow the logic.  Yeah, Martz was unpopular and yeah, there is supposedly a nude bordello dancer mural sculpture in Helena that looks like her but I don't see the connection to her unpopularity.  I see it as a flagrant sexist attack on a woman using sexuality and mocking her modesty.  

When the mural appeared, the Governor made her top aide drive her down to see it and declared it wasn’t her:“I’m a very modest person, no one would ever see me like that. My husband doesn’t ever see me like that.”

Cowgirl made a mention of Rehberg but then launched into a full blown attack on GOP Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachman along with Martz.

Even though Judy Martz was the most unpopular Governor in Montana history, Republicans seem drawn to the Judy Martz model of candidate.  After all, TEA Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg has already publicly voiced his support for Michele Bachmann at a Republican dinner earlier this year. 
We do know that Bachmann and Martz share many traits beyond just stupidity and nut-job politics.  Like Judy Martz, who often refused to talk to reporters and demanded they submit questions in writing in advance, Bachmann has begun avoiding reporters who she believes will ask hard questions.  Both Republicans are known for their outrageous public gaffes, their belief in forcing their fundamentalist religious views on others, and their insistence on wearing nude pantyhose with sandals.

Then there is this strange couple of sentences.  Cowgirl must have just finished off a six pack of PBR when she wrote it because I don't understand it except it is clearly a slam on Bachmann covering up a murder.
The women are not exact clones, however.  At least we have no knowledge of Bachmann covering up a homicide. And when a T-Paw aide called Bachmann “sexy,” she said she took it as a compliment.
This is probably the most sexist article I have read in years. To not agree with or like Martz or Bachman or Palin must make one a sexist. There is simply no other explanation.

Cowgirl should be ashamed of herself.  

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