Saturday, November 11, 2006

Did You Notice?

Did you notice how gracefully Burns and Allen conceded when it was clear they had lost, even by such small margins? Do you think Webb and Tester would have done the same had the rolls been reversed?

I doubt it.


  1. I have noticed that there were a lot less tires slashed, or posters that said "F**k you Red States", or vandalism of GOP signs and offices.

    I don't think Tester would have lowered himself to their level, not sure about Webb, but I do think some of the more left-leaning anarchist-protesting types would have shown their immaturity had the Dems lost the election. There would have been way more vandalism, more protesting, more demanding of recounts, etc.. I think in general, Conservatives tend to acknowledge the fact that they lost , regroup, and then look towards the next election.

  2. I hate to bring this up so late, but could you tell me a bit about Mr Burn's graceful speech thanking his supporters...

    Oh wait. He didn't make one. All he did was shout at reporters and move back to DC to work for a lobbying firm.