Sunday, September 24, 2006

What's So Wrong About A Little Torture?

Liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans are running around acting like torture is something new. As if Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld invented it. Give me a break! It's an important tool to gather information from our enemies.

Torture has been around forever and the CIA and other US intelligence agencies have always used it to get information. What's so wrong with some "aggressive interrogation" anyway? If we capture an enemy combatant, spy, or sympathizer who we think has some important information that could save American lives, why not make them uncomfortable with sleep deprivation and the like. If needed, bring on the water boarding. If that doesn't work, break his fingers. Do whatever it takes.

These are people who choose to fight and kill us. They are not innocent victims. They fully know and understand the consequences if they get captured. Our military and CIA need to have the interrogation tools available to get important intelligence information from these people.

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  1. In short, lots of things are wrong with torture.

    For starters: