Wednesday, November 15, 2006

After Extensive Research, Scientists Discover That Trees Grow Back!

A team of researchers in Europe, the United States and Asia, have concluded after an exhaustive study that trees grow back. This should be good news for the Global Warming doomsday crowd but some still caution these surprising and shocking results.

But some experts reacted with caution to the results. The lack of good data on forests in many parts of the world means that it is hard to be confident about the study’s “positive indications of an important change,” said Peter Holmgren, chief of forest resources development at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome.
He noted that much of the data for the new study was provided by governments, which he says do not do a good job of measuring forests, or by aerial surveillance, which is notoriously unreliable.

“There are trends that these guys have observed that seem true, but it’s difficult to state for certain,” Mr. Holmgren said. “Is there a global paradigm change? We really don’t know yet.” He called for countries to undertake systematic forest inventories.

The study also points out that countries that are growing wealthier or are the wealthiest are increasing their forests.

The reversal is partly a result of social changes that occur as countries develop and become wealthier, the study said. For example, as rural dwellers move to the cities there are fewer people in the countryside to cut down trees for uses like heating and building.

A vast majority of the richer and more developed countries had more forest area and denser forests in 2005 than in 1990. In the United States and Western Europe the transition began decades ago, but it has increased rapidly in the last 15 years, the researchers found.

So modernization and industrialization seems to benefit the planet through the reforestation. Strange!

I'm glad there was a study to determine that trees grow back. I always wondered.

It's nice to see that now the Democrats are in charge of our government they have solved the Global Warming issue so soon! This story would never have been run had there been a Republican victory.

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