Friday, November 03, 2006

Democrats Trying to Repress Military Votes... Again

Well, they are at it again. Democrats are trying to repress our Military's votes once again. This time they are trying before the election.

Yet another case that shows the contempt that Democrats have towards our Military


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  2. Um, the concerns being raised are about identity theft. Why do you want our troops' identities to be stolen?

    The plain truth is that I'd bet a majority of enlisted men and women are actually voting Democratic this year. Hurting military votes would be hurting the Democratic Party.

  3. Of course! If the DoD is in charge of it, it must work perfectly eh? I mean, it's not like millions of vets' had their personal information compromised or anything absurd like that. Oh wait, that did happen. Oh hell, just let everyone vote with email, that's pretty secure.