Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Turncoat Sam Kitzenberg to Switch Parties

State Sen. Sam Kitzenberg has announced that he is switching to the Democratic party.

“I’m a moderate, and there is no room left in the Republican Party for moderates,” Kitzenberg said Monday, explaining his decision. “I’m not leaving the Republican Party; it has basically left me.”

What this means to me is he is a Liberal but in order to get elected in Glasgow, he had to be a Republican. Now he's decided to switch parties which would give the Democrats a 26-24 advantage. Otherwise it would have been a tie.

Interestingly, he was hired as a state Revenue Department managment analyst by the Schweitzer administration. Of course, he says this had nothing to do with him switching. Sure.

I bet he will be offered a powerful committee chairmanship position as well, if he hasn't been already.

The people of Glasgow should be very disappointed and upset. I am sure they didn't expect to send a Democrat to represent them. I'm sure they know who he is but when one runs with an R or a D next to their name, certain values and expectations are attached.

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