Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I had the "opportunity" over the last few days to do nothing except watch TV. So I took this opportunity to mostly watch the 24 hour news networks. My favorite is, of course, Fox which I am most comfortable with because they have the fairest presentation of news that I have seen in my 40+ years of experience. I quit watching CNN prior to Fox coming on the air because of their clear liberal slant to news and the world's events.

So I began surfing between FOX, CNN and MSNBC and started watching. First I found MSNBC pretty balanced and watchable which actually surprised me. I thought they would be much more liberally slanted. Nice job MSNBC.

CNN on the other hand, seems to have veered to the far, far left. I was also very surprised by this. I watched Jim Cafferty's "Broken Government" program which is a clear attempt to promote democrats and seemed to be an hour long democrat campaign commercial. I also watched a program with an anchor whose name I can't remember who just railed and went off on President Bush and all the horrible things he has done to our country. The guy was angry, bitter, frustrated, and I thought he was going to break down and cry by the end of his rant. It was pretty depressing.

Then came the most amazing and astonishing program I watched on CNN. Anderson Cooper ran the Al-Quada propaganda "snuff film" that showed American service men being killed. I was stunned and repulsed as Anderson attempted to rationalize this film as being newsworthy and how difficult a decision it was for them to run it. It was an incredible display of tastelessness and their obvious support of the liberal agenda. They are assisting the terrorists in attempting to sway public opinion to get out of Iraq. They gave this propaganda to CNN just a few days before the election because they knew they could depend on them and run it.

While they have the freedom and the right to run the film, to rationalize it as newsworthy is disingenuous. But I think they will end up suffering more for having run it by losing more viewers who will move to the more balanced FOX and MSNBC. I also think that they failed to persuade people to the Democrat side and instead did the opposite.

They are allowing their hatred and bitterness towards Bush and Republicans to cloud their judgement. This is why they are getting their clock cleaned in the ratings by FOX.

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