Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Missoula Initiative 2

This summer I was approached many times by young people asking me to sign a petition that would make marijuana offenses the lowest Law Enforcement priority in Missoula County. Seeing the way they were dressed (yes, I profile and make judgements) and knowing the way I dress and look, I asked them "Do I look like the type of person who would sign a petition that basically makes marijuana legal?"

It's such a transparent initiative. It is obviously the first incremental step to legalize the drug. Basically if the initiative is passed, if a Law Enforcement Officer enforces a marijuana law Citizens for Responsible Crime Policy can call that officer to explain and defend himself before the "community oversight committee" comprised of three county residents, one harm reduction advocate, two criminal defense attorneys, one civil liberties advocate, one medical marijuana patient and one drug abuse and prevention counselor. No law enforcement representation at all.

They argue that we have spent decades arresting and prosecuting people for marijuana offenses and that has not stopped or reduce it's use. This is silly as we have spent decades and millions of dollars arresting and prosecuting people for all drug (meth, cocaine, LSD, crack, etc.) offenses and that has not stopped or reduced their use. So logically, we must apply this initiative to these drugs as well.

The Missoula County Sheriff and the County Attorney are opposed to it.

Marijuana use is illegal and Law Enforcement are obligated to enforce those laws. We should not tie their hands.

Don't vote for this ridiculous initiative.

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  1. This "silly" initiative would save tax payer 9 million dollars a year, the amount spent on enforcing marijuana laws. The committee would collaborate WITH law enforcement directly. This initiative is modeled after a similar process in Seattle, which has actually resulted in a decrease of marijuana use. It is putting the enforcement of serious crimes such as murder, rape, theft, and others at the top of law enforcement's concern. How is that ridiculous? I am confident that this initiative will benefit Missoula County.