Friday, August 11, 2006

Montana State University Egyptian Exchange Students

I can't help but think the recent terrorist scare in England and the eleven missing Egyptian MSU exchange students are somehow connected. As we near the fifth anniversary of 9/11, all of this is happening and it can't just be coincidental. These hate filled Muslims are bent on killing as many of us as they can and disrupting our way of life.

At first I was proud of Montana State University for reporting the missing "students" to Homeland Security but then I became angry that they would even consider bringing in seventeen young men who fit the profile of terrorists. 99% of all the terrorists are young Arab Muslim men. Why even invite them in? I'm all for profiling. To heck with political correctness when we are dealing with terrorists. We need to focus on young Arab Muslim men, period.

It again confirms to me that President Bush is right. The war in Iraq, the NSA phone taps, the banking records, Gitmo, etc. If we did not have these and the Patriot Act working for us, who knows what terrorist attacks we would have faced. I am confident we have stopped more than the government can tell us.

History will be kind to President Bush. I am confident that his war on terror will succeed even with the liberal crazys at and the Daily Kos supporting the terrorists.

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