Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gore's Inconvenient "Truth"

Here is an article in USA Today about Gore's hypocrisy regarding global warming. As most liberals, he should be exempt from what he wants others to do. He is of the class that deserves the comforts and profits from the things he claims causes global warming. The rest of us should make the sacrifices.

Here are my favorite parts of the article...

For someone who says the sky is falling, he does very little. He says he recycles and drives a hybrid. And he claims he uses renewable energy credits to offset the pollution he produces when using a private jet to promote his film. (In reality, Paramount Classics, the film's distributor, pays this.)

Public records reveal that as Gore lectures Americans on excessive consumption, he and his wife Tipper live in two properties: a 10,000-square-foot, 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, and a 4,000-square-foot home in Arlington, Va. (He also has a third home in Carthage, Tenn.) For someone rallying the planet to pursue a path of extreme personal sacrifice, Gore requires little from himself.


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