Monday, August 14, 2006

Missoula Independent Against American's Property Rights by Opposing Montana's I-154

The Missoula Independent ran an article this week expressing their opposition to Montana's Protect Our Homes Initiative or I-154 which states:

POH (Protect Our Homes) supports property rights protections for private landowners which protect such owners from property takings when the government takes private property with the intent of conveying an interest in the property to another private party. POH also supports private landowner protections whereby compensation for interests in land are equal to compensation to government landowners for similar interest; declaring rights to property as a fundamental self executing constitutional right; requiring compensation based upon the highest and best possible use for such land and the sum necessary to return a person to their same position including costs incurred and interest; and requiring compensation to landowners for reductions in value or for other economic loss when government action negatively impacts value, income or other economic condition of a person's private land.

Makes perfect sense to me! The liberals, however, are not happy because they are concerned that private property owners will have the right to oppose the government from telling them what they can do to their property. That the initiative will "lay waste to land-use regulations used by state and local governments to protect the landscape, the environment, and neighborhoods." The liberal belief that government knows best and private citizens and companies don't is in clear view here.

If I own property that the government wants to protect because of environmental concerns or because of an endangered species and this protection affects how I want to use or develop the land, I should be compensated for that. Or they can buy the land from me and do whatever they want to it.

These people are anti-growth, anti-progress, and anti-business and want the government to restrict what people will do with their private property. One of the most important tenants of our free and capitalist society if private property rights. It's what makes America great!

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