Friday, September 23, 2011

DOE Solar Decathlon Delayed Due to Rain and Clouds

Well the Department of Energy is sponsoring a Solar Decathlon that started today in Washington where teams of college students are competing for $100,000 by showing how solar energy can save money and use less energy.

Unfortunately, the weather is cloudy and rainy which is wreaking havoc on the competition.

Oh, and here's the entry from the City College of New York Team.  It only cost $450,000 (cost includes parts and materials only since the students did the labor) and has the potential to produce 8 kilowatts of energy - but not today 'cause of the cold and rainy day.


Liberalism on display.  Support of a failed technology to combat the phony issue of human caused climate change.  And spending $450,000 to win $100,000.

I'm happy Mother Nature has a sense of humor and decided to rain on their silly and wasteful competition.

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