Friday, September 23, 2011

Stunning Poll Results for Montana GOP

Montana Cowgirl posted a poll today showing that 83% of Montanans believe that state government is being run efficiently, and 55% believe Montana’s economy is on the right track. She then tries to tie those results solely to the Executive branch of the Government. While the Executive branch runs the day to day operations of the government, the everyday citizen does not know the nuts and bolts of how the state government is run.

The vast majority of the news in the past year was about the Tea Party contingent of the Legislature. This is what people read and heard every single day about our government and as a result, in my humble opinion, is how they equate the direction of the Montana economy and the efficiency of the government.

The results of this survey bode very well for the Montana GOP, particularly the Tea Party branch of the GOP.

FL27% YES63% NO47% YES51% NO
IL23% YES74% NO23% YES76% NO
IN28% YES53% NO77% YES16% NO
MI23% YES56% NO41% YES53% NO
NY26% YES58% NO62% YES37% NO
MT55% YES37% NO83% YES17% NO
NC18% YES70% NO55% YES39% NO
OH20% YES71% NO49% YES42% NO
PA29% YES62% NO45% YES53% NO
WI39% YES51% NO57% YES37% NO
*Chart from Montana Cowgirl Blog

I get a kick how the circle jerkers at Montana Cowgirl are patting themselves on the back and feeling smug over these results. That will just make it all the more easier to defeat them in the next election and expand our majorities in the Legislature and regain the Governor's seat.

I wonder if any of the CJs will come over here to debate me on this. I know they won't because they don't have the courage or confidence to leave their small minded little world.  

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