Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GOP Survives Wisconsin Recall Races - The Left is Shocked!

Despite Gov. Scott Walker saving teacher's jobs by weakening the Union, the crazy Left tried unsuccessfully to take over the Wisconsin Senate by staging six recall elections on GOP State Senators.  They needed to win three of the recall elections but, thankfully, only won two.  There are two recall elections next week against Democrats who hid, like cowards, in another state while Walker and the GOP Senators were trying to save the budget of the state.  Hopefully, the GOP can win those elections and even things out.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths Liberals go to advance their agenda.  The voters elected the Wisconsin Senate with a 19-14 GOP majority in November and when that legally elected majority passed laws that the Liberals don't like, they stage recall elections.  The voters of Wisconsin should be incensed by the Liberal's actions and dismissal of who they voted into power in November.  I can only hope they will vote in a stronger GOP majority in 2012.

I commend Scott Walker and the GOP Senators for being strong against the hysterical attacks from the Left and their accomplice MSM. These are the kind of leaders we need more of at the Federal level.  

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