Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Apologies to Shirley Sherrod

My last post criticized Shirley Sherrod for being a racist against a white farmer. Turns out she was telling a story about how she realized her natural inclination and changed her attitude about her natural racism.

Her comments were clearly taken out of context and her character assassinated. To be consistent, I have defended Rush and others Conservatives who's comments were clearly taken out of context by the MSM and Liberal Bloggers. I jumped on the Sherrod bandwagon and when I found out her comments were taken out of context, I am formally apologizing. It's too bad the MSM and Liberal Bloggers can't do the same.

I apologize to Ms. Sherrod for jumping on the bandwagon with the White House and thinking she was a racist. I hope Obama and the Agricultural Department reconsiders and hires her back.

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  1. What's this "White House" you all talkin' 'bout?