Saturday, September 29, 2007

In Defense of Rush and O'Reilly

Media Matters, the MSM and the Libs are attacking two iconic conservative voices, Rush and O'Reilly. Media Matters are masters at taking comments out of context and twisting what was said. I listened to both of the programs, in context, in question before the controversies and found nothing wrong with either.

I am posting YouTube clips of both Rush and O'Reilly defending themselves because they say it mcuh better than I.

First is the O'Reilly Report with Bill and Juan Williams discussing the controversy.

Next is Rush on his Radio Program. Yes, he edited a minute and change out of the controversial segment which was not relevant to the topic. So what?

Nice try kids, but these guys are professionals and should go all out and defend themselves when a loony group like Media Matters tries to smear them.


  1. I posted the edited content at Wulfgar's Place directly from his own link. There's nothing except comment on WMD's in it really. Nothing regarding insulting antiwar troops at all. I note that Wulfgar links directly to Media Matters to defend his position. What an unbiased source!

  2. Exactly. I have a copy of the podcast on my computer that I downloaded on Wednesday and it was Rush politely allowing the caller to finish his thoughts and a response from him.

    Here is the transcript that was edited out.

    CALLER: Exactly, sir. My other comment, my original comment, was a retort to Jill about the fact we didn't find any weapons of mass destruction. Actually, we have found weapons of mass destruction in chemical agents that terrorists have been using against us for a while now. I've done two tours in Iraq, I just got back in June, and there are many instances of insurgents not knowing what they're using in their IEDs. They're using mustard artillery rounds, VX artillery rounds in their IEDs. Because they didn't know what they were using, they didn't do it right, and so it didn't really hurt anybody. But those munitions are over there. It's a huge desert. If they bury it somewhere, we're never going to find it.

    RUSH: Well, that's a moot point for me right now.

    CALLER: Right.
    RUSH: The weapons of mass destruction. We gotta get beyond that. We're there. We all know they were there, and Mahmoud even admitted it in one of his speeches here talking about Saddam using the poison mustard gas or whatever it is on his own people. But that's moot. What's more important is all this is taking place now in the midst of the surge working, and all of these anti-war Democrats are getting even more hell-bent on pulling out of there, which means that success on the part of you and your colleagues over there is a great threat to them. It's frustrating and maddening, and why they must be kept in the minority. I want to thank you, Mike, for calling. I appreciate it very much.

    Here is a Morning Update that we did recently, talking about fake soldiers.

  3. Move on -- to Iran!9/29/2007 3:46 PM

    Liberals live in the past. They’re still talking about the 2000 presidential election results. So the fact that they are still talking about WMD’s nearly five years after the fact should come as no surprise.

    Speaking of insulting the troops, here is an example from today’s news of how the liberal media does it:


    TEMECULA, Calif. (AP) - He was one of America's first defenders on Sept. 11, 2001, a Marine who pulled burned bodies from the ruins of the Pentagon. He saw more horrors in Kuwait and Iraq. Today, he can't keep a job, pay his bills, or chase thoughts of suicide from his tortured brain. In a few weeks, he may lose his house, too.


    Um, excuse me. That’s what liberals call “supporting the troops.”