Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Interesting Observation

At work, we have a kitchen/break room arrangement with a fridge, dishwasher, stove/oven, sink and tables. We also have silverware, dishes, and pots & pans provided by our employer. All employees agreed that we would all pitch in to keep the place clean by sharing duties like wiping down tables at the end of the day, cleaning the stove and oven after using it, keeping the fridge clean, and putting our dishes in the dishwasher and unloading it if needed. Basically we agreed to pick up after ourselves. It was to be a cooperative effort with everybody pitching in. Being that we are in Missoula, most of the employees at my place of work are liberals and really embraced this idea.

Turns out it's not working. The sink is always full of dishes. People leave messes on the tables and sometimes don't even put their dishes in the sink. The stove and oven are almost always left a mess and I won't even tell you what the fridge looks like! There are a couple of us who have taken it upon ourselves to keep the break room clean. I only spend my break time in the room so I am unable to see who is leaving the messes but it's clearly the majority of the other 30 or so employees.

Why can't everybody take care of their own messes? Why do they leave it up to a few other people to do? Is this a small and simple example of something much larger?


  1. Colby Natale7/24/2007 8:45 AM

    "Is this a small and simple example of something much larger?"

    You are kidding right? This reminds me of a high school English teacher who believed that everything was a symbol of something larger. Sometimes a candle is just a candle, and sometimes a mess is just a mess.

    I am curious though, what "something larger" you were pointing too. Let me guess, perhaps the notion that Liberals talk a big game yet never want to do the footwork? How did I see that coming?

  2. Because, Andy, I've never seen a conservative acting like a pig...
    It's just them lazy liberals?

    Trust me, I live in a conservative town, with a communal work kitchen (who knew that would be universal, outside of Missoula?)

    Seems many people expect their mother to clean up after them there too...

    So, I'm really not sure how many parallels you can draw here, but it if makes you happy and if it keeps the day ticking by faster by assigning blame to those Eviiiilll (using my best voice here) liberals, carry on. Everyone needs a scapegoat.

  3. Lester Mills7/24/2007 11:27 AM

    The solution is simple, as Colby Natale will tell you: THE GOVERNMENT must do something!

    But before THE GOVERNMENT must do something, the break room mess must be thoroughly researched and studied. This will require a very large outlay of public funds and grants to various affirmative action “professors” at the U of M Missoula and to various liberal “non-profit” groups in the area, such as the local environmental groups, who will no doubt be aghast at the pollution in the break room, not to mention the lack of recycling.

    Once a sufficiently large amount of taxpayer money has been spent on this “scientific” investigation, the matter will be turned over to the liberal media in Missoula. The liberal media will publish the “scientific” findings of the affirmative action “professors” and the various liberal “non-profit” groups. That publication will be followed immediately by a crusading series of liberal editorials describing the horrific scenes at the break room and demanding that THE GOVERNMENT must do something. This initial awakening of the public conscience will be followed by a hysterical outpouring from Jay Stevens and other leftwing bloggers in Missoula who will cry in unison that THE GOVERNMENT must do something.

    Once the liberal media and their puppets in the leftwing blogs have sufficiently alarmed the populace about the plague of dirty dishes and the rising piles of rotting garbage in the break room, the matter is ripe, so to speak, for hearings before the state legislature.

    All the aforementioned “concerned” groups, along with an army of distressed and irate citizens, mostly “moms” who live near the site of the break room, will then troop before the legislative committee charged with investigating the problem, which problem, for all purposes, has now become the Chernobyl of Missoula. The local liberal media will do its part to hype the proceedings and literally beg the regional AP wire service editor to get their copy out to the nation. Jay Stevens will sound like a fellow desperately in need of oxygen.

    Even if the legislative body is doubtful that THE GOVERNMENT must do something, all doubts will be vanquished when the crowd begins to chant, “Do it for the children! Do it for the children!” Of course, children are rarely exposed to the horrors of the break room, but there are occasions, during “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” when a little girl might see a cockroach.

    Thus, ultimately, laws are passed to control every aspect of the break room. The new BRP (Break Room Police) are naturally empowered to issue citations that might result in fines and jail time, after a short period of issuing warnings, of course. They also have very nice starting salaries.

  4. actually Lester, I think the fat-ass slob that can't pickup after him/herself should do something - before his co-workers beat him into submission....

    is that ok?

  5. I'm over here giggling like a little school girl.


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  7. Actually my point was not individual Liberals vs. Conservatives. The only reference I made was that most of the employees were Liberals and supported the plan. Two of the people who help me clean are, in fact, Liberals and several of the slobs are Conservatives.

    My point was that this is a small example of communal cooperation not working. It's an example of human nature and how 10% of the people carry the load for the other 90%. It's true in almost all areas of our lives.

    Taxpayers are the example I was actually fishing for.

    I enjoyed your analysis Lester! Very funny.