Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Support the Tangerine Industry

Elizabeth Edwards is taking the big step and making the huge sacrifice to stop eating tangerines in order to save the planet from global warming. Being a capitalist, I immediately became concerned about the Tangerine Industry.

So on my way home this evening, I stopped by the store and bought a bag of tangerines to help offset the damage that the Edwards family's sacrifice will bring on the Tangerine Industry. I figure one bag ought to do it.

I am glad to see the Edwards family is finally starting to walk the walk and do their part in reducing global warming. The sacrifice they are making in giving up tangerines will be difficult, I'm sure, but at least they are trying. Now when Elizabeth's husband, John, I think it is, speaks about global warming, he will have total credibility.

Update: I pasted all the non-spam comments as a single comment.

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  1. Amy Green said...

    I hope you didn’t DRIVE any extra miles to get that bag of tangerines, and I hope the weight of the bag didn’t affect your GAS MILEAGE, and I hope the tangerines were ORGANICALLY GROWN, and I hope you COMPOST the rinds!

    7/25/2007 9:53 PM
    Rich said...

    Why do you continue to engage the state's most pissed-off bookstore clerk? Do youself a favour. Ignore the rants...and notify MSU when he blogs/comments on state time.

    7/26/2007 8:57 PM
    Andy B. Hammond said...

    Does he really work at the MSU bookstore as a clerk?

    He sure is an angry and bitter man. Your right, I'm getting tired of his abuse, arrogance and intolerance.

    7/27/2007 6:28 AM
    Anonymous said...

    Angry and bitter.. maybe better than ignorant and stupid.

    7/27/2007 8:27 AM
    Colby Natale said...

    Heh, if you guys are talking about Wulfgar, and I assume you are, he doesn't work as a clerk there, he doesn't blog on store time, and the bookstore employees are not paid by the University and thus are not state/public employees.

    7/27/2007 9:04 AM
    Rich said...

    No sweat, Andy. It's just good to remember that thou must never contradict the flaccid Wulfgar. Somewhere deep inside there's a Napoleon complex at work :-)

    Nice try Colby....but I prefer facts. Unless something's changed in the last few years I remember reading, while going through the archives of hate on his site, a post about him getting called into a managers office because of his blogging.

    I'll take your word, that the bookstore might not be operated directly by MSU, but the point's rather moot. I don't have a problem with anyone who is bloggng/commenting on their own time, just don't do it on someone else's time/dime...which he does seem to manage quite often. The thing about blogging/commenting is that the post/comment is time-stamped, so it's rather easy to determine when it's posted.

    So, if he's not a state employee he still works for someone else, and is not an anonymous blogger. Someone who may not be terribly happy with either his subject matter or the tone of his posts. Actions have consequences.

    7/27/2007 10:24 AM
    Comment deleted

    This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

    7/27/2007 11:02 AM
    Kevin K. said...

    Rob Kailey (“Wulfgar”) does in fact work at the MSU Bozeman Bookstore in the computer supply section. The MSU Bookstore is in fact supported by student purchases that are required by MSU and may very likely receive free rent and other taxpayer funded benefits from MSU. Rob Kailey is fact listed on the MSU site as a student advisor. Rob Kailey does in fact have an MSU e-mail address, uses the MSU computer system to access the Internet, and does in fact blog on company time.

    Whether Rob Kailey and Colby Natale are in fact “partners” is unknown.

    7/27/2007 2:58 PM
    Republicant Lovers said...

    Kevin K.,

    you mean, "partners" in the way you and Andy are - right?

    Wow and I noticed you had the gumption to put your full name on the blog. Ballsy!

    7/27/2007 3:18 PM
    Wulfgar said...

    Wow, Ricky, you and Kevin are just a couple of Nancy Drews, ain't ya? Well, that is, except that you get almost everything wrong and she didn't.

    You are correct, oh great fact worshiper: I work at the MSU Bookstore. Everything else you boys are postulating is wrong. Our equipment is ours, we pay for access, we pay our rent, MSU doesn't require any purchases from the bookstore, I don't work in the 'computer supply' section,and I don't blog on the company time or the company dime. See that's the problem with overwhelming ignorance, Ricky. All your facts ... aren't.

    Andy, when you start putting your own arrogance and ignorance out on the WWW, you better be expecting disagreement. You don't. You're idiotic enough to think it's "abuse", and then get all twisted when someone points out the obvious, that you're being idiotic. See that's why you attract people who have issues with the First Amendment, and want to silence disagreement. If you actually think that's rational, then I'll give you the best advice I can: get off the Internet, and do it now. This is not the venue for you. You don't understand it, and you obviously can't deal with it.

    Now, I invite you to try and get me fired (the consequences of treating the great Andy Hammond so poorly!) Far better than you have tried, and failed. They did so because they were ignorant of facts which I've never hidden, just as your butt-buddies Ricky and Kevin are. So come-on, Andy. Follow the advice of those paragoons of reason and tolerance. Try and get me fired. I need the laugh.

    7/27/2007 3:45 PM
    Anonymous said...

    Your homophobic jokes have no place here, Rob.

    7/27/2007 4:11 PM
    Wulfgar said...

    But Kevin's do? Okay. Good to know.

    7/27/2007 4:22 PM
    Anonymous said...

    Kevin said nothing about gay people. You and the other homophobic troll “Republicant Lovers” started it. Just go away. Your kind is not welcome here.

    7/27/2007 6:18 PM
    Wulfgar said...

    Your kind is not welcome here.

    And what, precisely, would be 'my kind'?

    7/27/2007 6:57 PM
    Kevin Said said...

    "Whether Rob Kailey and Colby Natale are in fact “partners” is unknown."

    7/27/2007 7:21 PM
    Anonymous said...

    That sentence is homophobic? In what sense? Can you explain your reasoning, if any?

    7/28/2007 6:39 PM
    They're Gay alright said...

    Wulfgar: “I mirror you exactly.”

    Colby Natale: “Sweet, I have found my soulmate!"

    “Everyone Else Is Doing It”

    7/28/2007 7:01 PM