Thursday, February 01, 2007

Which Party Benefits if We Lose in Iraq?

And which party benefits if we win?

To answer my own rhetorical question, the Democrat Party have clearly positioned themselves to be the beneficiaries of a loss in Iraq. They have invested heavily in the US "redeploying" and pulling out, letting the Iraqis fight it out amongst themselves in their so-called "sectarian civil war". This is why they oppose the additional 20,000 troop surge and are fighting to defy the Constitution in usurping the President's powers and responsibilities.

They cannot afford to allow the United States of America to win the war in Iraq. They fear victory and oppose the President's every move. They are enjoying and reveling in the current problems we are experiencing, ignoring war history where every war we have fought has been full of problems and mistakes that had to be overcome.

It's sad that we have a political party who wishes defeat for our country. Their actions are giving our enemies encouragement to fight on. I can only hope that President Bush can keep his faith that he is doing the right thing and history will be kind to him.

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