Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Food Bank Still Open???

I was walking in downtown Missoula this morning and happened to pass by the Missoula Food Bank and was surprised to see that they were still open and look to remain open for the long term. So I returned to work got online and looked up their web site to see if this were true. Yes, they appear to be planning on continuing their mission.

I am very confused. Why would they continue their mission when we just recently passed an increase in the minimum wage? From what I understood, this increase to $6.15 was going to solve the problem of a family not being able to buy groceries.

If this isn't the case and a family still cannot survive on $6.15, then we need to push for a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour which is $31,200 per year. I think this would be more reasonable and fair. How can anybody be expected to survive on $6.15 anyway?

In addition, we need to pass a law requiring businesses to guarantee 40 hours a week for their employees and to keep them from raising their prices. We need to ensure that our minimum wage workers increase their buying power and not have businesses jack up their prices to "pay" for the increased wages. That wouldn't be fair.

While we are being fair, businesses should be required to pay for 100% of their employee's medical insurance and again not jack up their prices to "pay" for it.

What a wonderful world this would be if businesses would be more fair to their employees. Now that the Democrats are in power, this all may become a reality.

We can only hope...

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