Saturday, January 13, 2007

Boxer Blames Republicans For "Misunderstanding" Her Remarks to Rice

Barbara Boxer thought she was being clever when she said to Ms. Rice, “You’re not going to pay any particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family.”

Now, of course, in classic Democrat fashion, she is blaming Republicans for what she said!! It's breathtaking.

In a separate interview, Senator Boxer said her comments had been misunderstood and were now being turned against her by the White House and other Republicans. “What I was trying to do in this exchange was to find common ground with Condi Rice,” Ms. Boxer said, adding that “my whole point was to focus on the military families who pay the price.”

“They’re getting this off on a non-existent thing that I didn’t say,” Ms. Boxer said. “I’m saying, she’s like me, we do not have families who are in the military. What they are doing is a really tortured way to attack a United States Senator who voted against the war.”

I wonder what would have happened if Condi was a Democrat and Boxer was a Republican. There would be charges of racism and sexism and calls for Boxer to resign.

Doesn't bother me anymore, I have become used to the double standard.


  1. I didn't see you or Rush complaining when Laura Bush made the claim that Rice wouldn't be president because she wasn't married.

    Pelosi made the remarks that it was really easy to sit in ivory towers and pontificate on what a great job we were doing when you didn't have as much at stake as many people in America do. In fact, I think that the only member of the senate that has a real stake in it is Jim Webb (D).

  2. I didn't see Laura's comments about the married remark. If she did, I would say she was wrong to do so.

    Just because one doesn't have a personal stake in the war does not disqualify them from making decisions about it.

    I might even argue that it makes one more capable to make the difficult decisions that must be made but may be clouded if one had a personal stake.