Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Terrorists and Insurgents Will Ramp Up Attacks Up To Election

The terrorists and insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan are going to ramp up their attacks on citizens and our military in order to influence our election. The terrorists know that if Democrats win control of our government, the US will be more likely to abandon the war.

By liberals and Democrats opposing the war the way they do, they put our service men in more danger. The terrorists and insurgents know that they have their chances of victory are greater if liberals and Democrats are in power. And by knowing this, their resolve is strengthened. If, on the other hand, liberals and Democrats were in full support of the war and not so passive and anti-Bush, the enemy would be demoralized and weaker with less of our service men dying.

Yes, I blame the anti-war liberals and Democrats for the reason more Soldiers and Marines are dying than should be. The enemy knows that they can easily manipulate our liberal media and liberal politicians.

I believe that Iraq is the front line in the war on terror. We are there to stabilize the region by helping Iraq democratize. I believe that spreading freedom and liberty is a good thing. It is in our county's best interest to have stability in the Middle East. Frankly, we need a free flow of oil. By doing so, they can have peace and prosperity and stop hating and resenting the USA.

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