Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Person Good News About our Presence in Iraq

The Missoulian ran a nice letter to the editor from an individual who has been there twice. Once as a soldier in 2003 and again, recently, as an archaeologist on the Mass Graves Investigative Team.

Letters for Monday, August 28, 2006

Media doesn't report on the positive

I just returned from a tour as an archaeologist on the Mass Graves Investigative Team in Iraq. Basically, I spent my summer excavating mass graves of Saddam Hussein's victims. This was my second time to Iraq, my first being a combat tour in 2003. It sickened me (as it did the first time) as the media reported on everything negative but nothing positive on what is going on in Iraq and the war against Islamic fascism. To enlighten all you left-wing elitists, let me tell you what I observed.The vast majority of Iraqis love Americans. I know this because I worked with them daily and learned their customs, their language and their world view. When the press shows some disgruntled Iraqi whining about Americans, it is one of Saddam's former minions who benefited from his regime.

The Iraqis want more, not fewer American troops, as they know we will get the job done and do it right.Marines, sailors and airmen are fed up with the left-wing media and their biased reporting. While I was in Iraq, American troops built hospitals, schools and infrastructure that did not exist prior to the war. American troops provide medical care, counseling for Iraqi families and have inoculated millions of Iraqi children. Millions have benefited from the American liberation of Iraq, yet the press seems fixated on focusing its efforts to dishonor America and her fighting men and women.So, this is for all the progressive and "open-minded" folks here, especially those of you who are ready to start back up at the university. America is winning the war against Islamic fascism. The Iraqi people love Americans and appreciate all the good that we have accomplished. The press is biased and its goal is to dishonor our nation and our fighting men and women.

Thomas Livoti, Missoula

Thank you, Mr. Livoti, for your letter and your service to our great country!

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