Thursday, August 31, 2006

Abortion and Capital Punishment

I have never understood why liberals support the killing of an innocent fetus and oppose the killing of a convicted murderer. It is simply beyond my comprehension. The only way is to rationalize it as being a "choice" and being "compassionate". Why would anybody choose to kill an innocent life and feel compassion for a convicted murderer?


  1. My sister was murdered by Mark David Breakiron. He is currently on Death Row SCI Greene PA.
    She was tortured to death. I am for the death penalty when there is no doubt. I have looked a monster in the eyes. He had only been out of prison a week. He had two graves dug. My site is for my sister Saundra. Love does endure all things.........

  2. The flip side, Andy, are REpublicans who will fight, sometimes to the point of killing others, to defend the rights of a clump of tissue, but have little or no problem with blasting the faces off of little children (that's just collateral damage of war, after all ...)

    If you're looking for hypocrisy, you don't need to look so far as political lean or party.

  3. Wulfgar,
    As you said "Link, please. Actually verifying the facts is a good thing to most people. "Say so" ... not so much ..." regarding proof that Republicans have little or no problem with blasting the faces off of little children.