Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Who's To Blame For Rebuilding New Orleans

Liberals like to blame President Bush for the slow pace of rebuilding New Orleans. I have even seen a letter to the editor in The Missoulian claiming Bush was responsible for Katrina destroying NO. Incredible.

The Federal Government has approved $110 BILLION to help rebuild NO. The Democrat Mayor and governor's incompetence in getting the money to where it needs to go is breathtaking. I'm glad the the Feds are not just turning it over without them going through the process. It's $110 BILLION for gosh sakes!!! The liberal "give it to me without any strings" mentality is in full view here. It's the local government's responsibility to ensure their communities are protected and rebuilt. Mississippi and Florida seem to be able to do it well. Oh, by the way, they have Republican Governors.

I understand that NO was destroyed far worse than Mississippi and Florida but I fully believe that if Louisiana had a Republican governor, the rebuilding would be much further along then it is now. The current state and city administrations want the Federal government to do the hard work that they are responsible to do.

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