Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama vs. Boehner over "Jobs" Speech

Interesting development with the scheduling of Obama's "Jobs" speech.  Obama is playing games by scheduling his speech on the same night - Wednesday - that the GOP was holding a nationally televised debate between the eight candidates running to save our country from destruction.  Obama wants to give the speech to Congress which means he needs the House chambers to do it.  Boehner, showing some backbone, responded by telling Obama that Thursday would be better since the House 's schedule is not dictated by the President.  The House goes into session ant 6:30 on Wednesday and there is not enough time to prepare for Obama's request for the 8:00 speech.

Obviously, Obama is trying to upstage the GOP debate and I'm pleased that Boehner sees through it and is fighting for the debate.  We all know Obama's "Jobs" speech will be no different than any of the seven other jobs speeches he has given since he was president.  He will call for increased government spending and increased taxes on the millionaires and billionaires.  We also all know that this plan won't work any better than any of his other failed policies and plans.  So it really is no big deal that he moves his speech to Thursday.  The man is an incompetent joke.  I hope Boehner sticks to it and refuses him the Wednesday night request.

I'll be watching the Packers/Saints game on Thursday because I already know what Obama is going to say.

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