Thursday, August 16, 2007

Karl Rove

Just the fact the Liberals, Democrats, and the MSM hate and despise Karl Rove, makes me like and respect him even more.

Thank you for your great service to our country and President, Mr. Rove.


  1. Actually Rove will continue working for the benefit of the President. I hear he's over seeing the construction of the Death Star. Big Swede

  2. Karl Rove, thou elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog!

  3. Swede,
    I also heard that he may possibly work with the GOP presidential candidate when that's decided.

  4. I met Rove when he was at the Holt Ranch in Lolo and I was amazed how young he actually is. Why, he's not any older than I am! In his photos he looks ancient.

  5. [The following post was censored by the Liberal David Crisp. Makes you wonder about what people are really saying on his blog, doesn’t it?]

    Ladies & Gentlemen, we now present the comedy team of David “Amos” Crisp & Jay “Andy” Stevens!

    Andy: “Oh me. It looks like I gone and made another bad bet.”

    Amos: “What you talkin’ ‘bout, Andy? That Beauchamp bet you made?”

    Andy: “I blowed what little credibility I got.”

    Amos: “That Beauchamp was a 20 to 1 long shot, you know.”

    Andy: “I know. It’s just that I went all in on that one. I feels like such a fool.”

    Amos: “Aw, Cheer up, Andy. It ain’t so bad. Look. This ain’t about Beauchamp.”

    Andy: “It ain’t?”

    Amos: “No. It’s about learning that soldiers can be cruel and insensitive during wars.”

    Andy: “Say, you might have somethin’ there, Amos. It’s about them realities of war!”

    Amos: “Yeah, sure, Andy. Realities of war. Y’all just suffered a realities of war. That’s all.”

    Andy: “Yeah. Hmm. Say, Amos, I’m a little short. Can ya lend me a dollar for lunch?”

  6. Karl Rove was out and about today, doing the Sunday talk show circuit. I didn’t see any of it because I don’t own a TV. But I did read about it in the liberal press.

    It was great fun to read. The guy is a master at manipulating the liberal mind because the liberal mind is completely open to him. He can reach right in there and press any buttons he wants. He can read their thoughts and actually knows what they are going to say before they know it. It’s like liberals are lab rats to Karl Rove.

    They’re also like scared little children when Karl says something. One leftwing girl writing for The Associated Press was so terrified of Rove proclaiming Hilary was going to be the Democratic candidate, she spent several paragraphs trying to expose the evil cunning behind his statement. The girl finally decided that Rove was promoting Hilary because his party didn’t want to run against Obama or Edwards. Geez. Talk about mental-hospital thinking.

    But Rove can do that to liberals. They’re totally freaked out by him.